ANDY英会話 part3 `Anne of Green Gables` translated by Hanako Muraoka















これをきっかけに教師を退職し、東京・銀座のキリスト教図書出版社で女性向け・子供向け雑誌の編集者として勤務。その時、印刷会社の経営者で既婚者でもあった村岡ケイゾウと出会い、不倫の末、1919年(26歳。たぶんこの頃では晩婚ですよね)に結婚。1920年には長男を出産するも、1926年に病で失います。このことが、英語児童文学の翻訳の道に入るきっかけと言われています。1927年、マークトゥエインの"The Prince and the Pauper" を『王子と乞食』という邦題で翻訳し、公刊。



1939年に日本を去るミス・ショーにモンゴメリの"Anne of Green Gables"を贈られました。1941年には太平洋戦争が勃発します。戦争遂行に協力的な姿勢をとる一方で、村岡は灯火管制のもと翻訳を続けて終戦の頃に訳了。1952年に出版された翻訳版『赤毛のアン』は日本の読者にも広く受け入れられた。村岡はその後、モンゴメリの作品翻訳を次々と続けました。




Hanako Muraoka was born in 1893 and grew up in Koufu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture.

When she was 5, her family moved to Tokyo, because her father who was a Christian was a tea trader, whilst pursuing his ideals and dreams.

When she was 10, she won a scholarship to become a student at Toyo Eiwa Girl's school.Out of her brothers and sisters, only she got a chance to receive such an education ,since she was brilliant and also the eldest sister.

She studied English from a Canadian I・S・Blackmoor missionary at the girl's school and when she graduated, she continued her study of English literature while teaching Japanese to missionaries.

The following year, in order to help her poor parent's household, she returned to Yamanashi and became a teacher.


However, her real interest was in literature,not teaching.

From about 1916, she wrote fairy tale stories and girl's novel's in `SYOJOGAHOU`.

As a result, she gave up her teaching and started working as an editor for magazines for women and children for a Christian book publisher in Ginza, Tokyo. At that time, she met Keizo Muraoka who was a president of the printing company and was married , and they had an affair, then, in 1919 they married.


In 1920, she gave birth to the first son, but in 1926 she lost him to illness.

It is said that this is the reason for her entering the way of translating English juvenile literature. In 1927,she translated and published Mark Twein's `The Prince and the Pauper` . This became a work that opened the way as a traslator.


From 1932 to 1941, she became popular as an aunt of radio, in the radio program` Children's time`.


She received L・M・Mongomery's `Anne of Green Gables` at Miss Show leaving Japan in 1939. The pacific war broke out in 1941.

While taking a cooperative attitude to fight the war, Hanako Muraoka continued her translation work under the breakout and finished to translate it around the end of the war.


The translated version `Anne of Green Gables` published in 1952 was widely accepted by Japanese readers. Hanakako Muraoka then continued to translate Montogomery's works one after another.


In 1968 she died with cerebral thrombosis. But her translated `Anne of Green Gables` is a work deeply loved by Japanese chiledren ever now.